“Fishing is the lifeblood of our nation it is inborn. From the soil on which we live, to the sea around us, it remains an integral part of our existence. Fishing, and our country and its people, ate one and shall remain inseparable forever.”

Nearing sunset, the shores of most islands become crowded, especially at the market area of Marine Drive, Male’. The fishermen are returning from the Indian Ocean waters, the only great sea whose currents reverse directions with the season. Rainbows of colourful fish are passed from dhonis to shore. For a moment light breaks through evening clouds, revealing a white tailed tropical bird perched on the rim of an old fishing vessel, riding waves made by the onslaught of the returning boats.

The market place is alive with activity. Office workers in white shirts and ties ride away guiding bicycles with one and holding skipjack in the other. Trolleys loaded with fresh tuna or skipjack move door to door sales. Newspaper lines the boot cars whose drivers have stopped off to make a seafood selection.

Fishing provides a sizeable proportion of the gross domestic product and job opportunities for the vast majority of the island population. With abundant sea resources, fish exports continue to grow. Multinational companies have shown a renewed interest in the Maldives fishing industry. Tons of fish are used domestically and not surprisingly, fish is the main source of protein for the inhabitants of the archipelago.

Big game fishing in Maldives

Big game fishing in Maldives depends on the weather condition and fishing location. To catch big game like sailfish, marlin, barracuda, yellowfish tuna, wahoo, swordfish and many other big fishes, outside the atoll morning time is suitable for fishing. Hire speedboat and latest fishing equipments from the resort or dive school in Maldives. Before going for big game fishing acquired information about protected marine areas and best fishing areas.

Night Fishing in Maldives

Night fishing in Maldives is the most famous type of fishing. You can catch snappers, emperors, barracuda, squirrel fish and jacks during night fishing. Amidst the sparkling breathtaking view, night fishing is a treat for fishing buffs. The government of Maldives strictly prohibits hunting of whales and dolphins and the use of harpoon guns. Though, fishing does not require expertise but one should be aware of the fishing norms in Maldives. During night fishing enjoy the rhythmic music of waves and gentle breeze amidst nature’s splendor. Most of the resorts in Maldives organize night fishing and big game fishing trips for fishing aficionados.